Why Invest in Instruments

A high-quality string instrument is essential for any musician who wants to perform at their best. However, high-quality instruments can be expensive, especially for students and emerging performers.

That’s where Soundvest comes in. Our rental and investment options are affordable and flexible, making it possible for musicians of all levels to access the instruments they need to succeed.


Investing in Soundvest can help you diversify your portfolio and reduce your overall risk. String instruments have historically been a stable asset class, and they are not correlated with the stock market.

Capital appreciation

The value of string instruments can appreciate over time, especially for instruments made by renowned makers. As the musician you invest in grows their career, the value of their instrument may also increase.

Stable yield

Investors in Soundvest receive a stable yield of 3-4%, which is paid out quarterly. This yield is generated from the rental fees paid by musicians.

Support for a worthwhile cause

By investing in Soundvest, you are helping to support musicians and the classical music industry. This is a great way to make a positive impact on the world while also potentially earning a return on your investment.


We are committed to providing investors with a transparent and secure investment experience. We carefully evaluate all musician requests and portfolios before distributing them to our network of investors. We also provide investors with a variety of data to help them make informed investment decisions.