Yaroslav Kravchuk

Yaroslav, is an accomplished Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist. 

His formal music education began at the prestigious Music College in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, and continued at the National Music Academy in Lviv, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He is currently pursuing advanced studies as a guest student at the Music University (HMTM) in Hannover under the guidance of Professor Frank Bungarten.

Yaroslav’s repertoire spans centuries of classical music, from Baroque masterpieces to challenging contemporary works such as Asturias by Isaac AlbĂ©niz. His technical finesse and dedication to his craft are evident in every performance

With ambitions to perform on renowned stages and participate in esteemed competitions such as the GFA and Segovia, Yaroslav recognizes the necessity of a high-quality classical guitar. 

Through Soundvest he acquired an instrument made but the luthier [name] in [city] which will not only elevate his performances but also contribute significantly to his career trajectory.

Yaroslav Kravchuk’s professional approach and commitment to excellence in classical guitar music make him a noteworthy prospect in the industry. The support he seeks from the community will not only facilitate his artistic endeavors but also ensure the continued enrichment of the classical music landscape.