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The right instrument doesn’t merely augment your performance – it elevates your craft. That’s why we provide you with professional instruments for a manageable monthly fee, making them more attainable than you ever imagined.


Do you need help finding the right instrument? Or you already found it, and you need help financing it?


If it’s a positive match, we’ll grant you access to our community of supporting investors, who believe in the power of music to change lives.


Through Soundvest, you can access other valuable resources and opportunities to help you reach your musical goals.


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Frequently asked questions

What kind of instruments does Soundvest help to acquire?
Soundvest helps classical musicians perform with classical string instruments that musicians could find hard to obtain and finance by themselves on the retail market. Our focus is to help professional and soon-to-be professional musicians play with antique or contemporary instruments for which there are, if any, very few financing alternatives. As we are classical musicians ourselves, we know how important the right instrument is.
How do I apply to play with an instrument through Soundvest?
You contact Soudvest through the contact form 1. We will call you back for having more information about what your needs are and where in your career you are. 2. Soundvest will evaluate your request, and professional, academic, and economic stand. With this information, Soundvest will create a portfolio of you and the instrument. 3. This profile will be distributed among supporting investors, who will as a group invest in the instrument. 4. If the investors invest in the instrument, Soundvest will engage a luthier to certify the value and quality of the instrument, will purchase the instrument for the investors, and will lease the instrument back to the musician. 5. With the instrument in your hands, you will pay the monthly rent to Soundvest, who will distribute the rent to the supporting investors.
Who are the supporting investors?
The investors go from very normal individuals, people like you and me, to high net worth individuals, and financial institutions. What they have in common is that they are passionate about music. Beyond a modest gain, through the capital gains of the instrument, and/or the rent income, they believe that investing in a musician’s career is a safe investment that also promotes the values of classical music.
How are supporting investors involved in the process?
Investors are involved in the process in several ways. Primarily by investing in the music instrument that a specific musician needs, secondarily by participating in private concerts and events organized by Soundest, where they can personally meet the musicians they are supporting. At Soundvest, our goal is to narrow the space between musicians and supporting investros and create a vibrant community. As a musician, you can also expect the supporting investors helping you out in other ways that can be very beneficial, for instance providing introductions to important contacts in the music industry.

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