Soundvest can help luthiers to offer better paying options for their customers by providing them with access to financing

How can Soundvest help luthiers?

As a luthier, you are passionate about creating high-quality string instruments. You also want to make your instruments accessible to as many musicians as possible. However, you know that the cost of a high-quality string instrument can be a barrier for some musicians.
That’s where Soundvest comes in.

What is Soundvest?

Soundvest is a platform that connects musicians with investors to provide access to high-quality string instruments. We work with musicians of all levels, from students to professional performers, to help them get the instruments they need to succeed.

A sound investment

Luthiers can partner with Soundvest to offer their customers a variety of financing options, including:

  • Instrument rental: Luthiers can offer their customers the option to rent their instruments from Soundvest. This allows musicians to get the instrument they need without having to make a large upfront investment.

  • Instrument investment: Luthiers can offer their customers the option to invest in their instruments. This allows musicians to secure funding to purchase their dream instrument and to focus on their music careers.

Benefits of using Soundvest

There are many benefits to working with Soundvest, including:

Network of investors

Soundvest has a large network of investors who are looking to invest in high-quality string instruments. This means that luthiers can reach a large audience of potential customers.

Ongoing support

Soundvest provides luthiers with ongoing support, including promotion and sales assistance.

Rigorous risk assessment

We carefully evaluates all musician requests and portfolios before distributing them to investors. This helps to ensure that investors are investing in high-quality assets.


Soundvest is committed to being transparent with luthiers and investors. We provide regular updates on the performance of the platform and on the musicians we are supporting.


How do I get started with Soundvest?
At the moment Soundvest for luthiers is invite-only. If you want to get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together. Please do so at:
What are the requirements for luthiers who want to partner with Soundvest?
To partner with Soundvest, you must be a reputable luthier who produces high-quality string instruments. You must also be willing to work with our team to ensure that your customers have a positive experience.
How much does it cost to partner with Soundvest?
There is no cost to partner with Soundvest. We are committed to helping luthiers to offer their customers more flexible payment options.
Who are the supporting investors?
The investors go from very normal individuals, people like you and me, to high net worth individuals, and financial institutions. What they have in common is that they are passionate about music. Beyond a modest gain, through the capital gains of the instrument, and/or the rent income, they believe that investing in a musician’s career is a safe investment that also promotes the values of classical music.
How are supporting investors involved in the process?
Investors are involved in the process in several ways. Primarily by investing in the music instrument that a specific musician needs, secondarily by participating in private concerts and events organized by Soundest, where they can personally meet the musicians they are supporting. At Soundvest, our goal is to narrow the space between musicians and supporting investros and create a vibrant community. As a musician, you can also expect the supporting investors helping you out in other ways that can be very beneficial, for instance providing introductions to important contacts in the music industry.

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